5 Mallu Breakfasts Every Traveller Must Try!

Popular Kerala Dishes | Traditional Food of Kerala.

Kerala’s cuisine is as popular as its lustrous landscapes. With a long coastal border spanning 600+ km, seafood is one of the highlights of Kerala’s cuisine. Kerala’s staple food has been rice, for ages. Until recently, from breakfast to snacks and dinner, mallus used to indulge in rice-preparations in various forms. The dosa, idly, puttu, […]

Kerala’s Own Black Gold – Pepper

Keralas Own Black Pepper | Best Travel Restaurant Kerala

Black pepper is the world’s most popular spice. It has a pungent spicy flavour and blends perfectly with all types of cuisines. Kerala has a special connect with Black Pepper because we used to trade it extensively along with many other spices for centuries. The great explorer Vasco Da Gama reached the shores of Kozhikode […]