sustainable development

We firmly believe that being sustainable is not just a choice, but a vital need. We all are aware of the impact single-use-plastic causes to the environment, yet they remain a universal component in our lives. It takes millenniums for single-use-plastic to breakdown, and the damage it causes to the environment is extensive. Despite many challenges, we are now ready to say NO to them.

We have embarked on the journey to make a big difference to our environment. “FSD Initiative” is not merely a program, it is a philosophy which shall forever become a part of our DNA.

“FSD Initiative” would see us taking off the plastic straws from your juice cups, replacing them with paper straws. Your delicious takeaways would now be in food-safe bio-degradable containers. We are not stopping there; we intend to apply the ethos and philosophy of this noble initiative across our entire ecosystem, on all levels, starting from our administration, where even the pens and pencils we use would be replaced with eco-friendly recycled materials.

“FSD Initiative” will also see us support small-scale industries producing food-safe and bio-degradable serving and packaging components for the F&B sector. “For Sustainable Development Initiative” outlines our commitment to the environment and we endeavour to adopt all sustainable practices in our daily operations, to make this world a better place.