Enjoy great food while you travel

Travel stories are best made when we are well hydrated and fed. As we travel, whether it’s a holiday trip with family or friends, an official trip or a daily commute, food becomes an important part of our journey which can make or break your joy. The quality and services of FSD at Ernakulam South Railway Station is exactly same as the one in the airport food court. We have indeed made it our business to break the myth of railway station food!.

Train travel is an ordinary man’s most preferred way to commute within the country. It is affordable, convenient and nostalgic for most people. We can also see many daily commuters who travel by train to reach their schools, colleges or office. No matter why or where you travel by train, food for train journey always bring to mind some nostalgic feelings. Earlier, we could buy food onboard the train which different vendors used to bring. Now Indian Railways have imposed restriction on vendors inside the train due to which many commuters often find it difficult to buy food, especially during long journeys.

But don’t worry! You can still enjoy great food while you travel by train through Ernakulam South Railway Station. Food Stop Diner is your tempting stopover located at Ernakulam South Railway Station from where you can enjoy lip-smacking food as you pass by this station. With 24-hour food counters that cater to a wide range of foodies, FSD serves authentic Chinese, South Indian and North Indian delicacies at their food counter. FSD has, with its hygiene, variety and flavours, revived the glamour of railway station food delivery, making it all the more desirable.

The FSD food joint at Ernakulam Junction Railway Station is on Platform 1 and open to non-commuters also. People who are not travelling by train can also savour the dishes at FSD as it has two entrance/exits one facing the 1st platform and one facing the parking area of railway station. At FSD, we pack food for travelling in train hygienically and meticulously to make sure you will remember the taste and come back for more, the next time you are in Ernakulam. The ambience and kid-friendly atmosphere here have made it a popular food destination already among the Kochiites.

With such amazing variety, Food Stop Diner is your go-to option for hygienic and lip-smacking veg and non-veg food delivery in train at Ernakulam.

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