Pre order airport food online and travel conveniently

Travel time food should be very carefully chosen. If you are a foodie with a penchant to travel, you can best explore the places and connect personally with the speciality food of the places you explore. For people travelling by flight, especially at odd timings, food is usually a concern for various reasons. Very few airports serve a variety of food to your liking and even if they do, it’s mostly very expensive.

Food Stop Diner at Cochin International Airport is a great option for foodie travellers travelling via Terminal 1 or Terminal 3. Here’s one place in Kochi where you get a wide range of culinary experiences served to your liking at reasonable rates. Coming from the family of Casino Air Caterers and Flight Services, Food Stop Diner is definitely among the best Kochi airport restaurants you can ever consider.

Don’t skip food, skip the queues!

Surveys tell us that most of the travellers tend to skip their food before their flight travel, not wanting to lose time and miss the flight! That’s why FSD has kept its multi-cuisine options ready in many formats at Terminal 1 and Terminal 3 of Cochin International Airport. Now you can conveniently order your food online from FSD at Nedumbassery or have it peacefully at Food Stop Diner outlets.

Why Food Stop Diner?

If you are looking for good restaurants near airport, you will find it right inside the airport as the best choice for many reasons:


Food Stop Diner comes from the group of CAFS and all our kitchens strictly follow the top food-safety, quality and hygiene standards. Whatever you eat from our brands are safe and hygienic.


We believe that variety is the spice of life and hence we offer a wide range of cuisines at our counters. From wraps and sandwiches to dosas and biriyanis, we serve everything to your likes.


We’re available on Terminal 1 and Terminal 3, 24 x7 to make sure that you are well-fed before travel. They say, to enjoy the travel, you have to indulge in the best food!


At the Cochin International Airport, Food Stop Diner offers you the best of facilities. We have a lounge, kid-friendly food-court and even a pop-n-go counter that packs quick takeaways.


Authentic flavours are tastefully packed into our dishes with a lot of love and care to serve you the best, always. We make sure that Indian and International food taste just as expected.

Get your food delivered at Kochi airport gate

Don’t worry even if you are travelling at odd hours or are in a hurry to grab a bite from the airport. You can now opt for airport gate food delivery from Food Stop Diner whether you are arriving or departing from Cochin International Airport. With such amazing variety, Food Stop Diner is your go-to option for hygienic and lip-smacking veg and non-veg food delivery in Kochi airport. So if you are in a rush to catch your flight, don’t skip the food, pre-order and get it delivered at the Kochi airport gate.

 To explore our food destinations, call us on 075590 57700.

Our Brands

The Sandwichstop
Authentic sandwiches, Indian blends too.
Pop N Go
Freshly cooked delicious food for people on the run.
Kochi O Cochin
Quench your thirst, sate your hunger. We have kept it simple for you.
Local snacks, ‘metre chai’ and much more.