Kerala Monsoon craving special dishes!

The beauty of the god’s own country, Kerala, accentuates when the rain patters on its ground! The rain, the regular group hang out, a camera and what else do you need for enlivening your day? A sip of hot tea with some delectable crispy hot snacks! Monsoon can instigate your taste buds to crave something different and the joy to relish the same is priceless! What to try this monsoon?

ChaiA and crispy snacks:

When you are in Kerala, it would be unfair if you miss the ChaiA especially from a chai kada (Tea shop). And again, if you have only a tea, then you are missing its obvious partner snacks known as kadis. There are a series of delicacies that can vanish quickly from your plate like vadas, pazham pori, baji, bonda etc, when it rains and you are with your loved ones. You needn’t always look for the tea shops in your google map to have all this. This has become an integral part of the menus and doesn’t get startled when you find someone having it in the best restaurant in Kochi!

How about some cold brew that gels with the monsoon?

You heard us right! Cold brew has slowly started to trend in Kerala, especially in Kochi where it has already become an automated choice for many during the monsoon.


A scrumptious lunch with your loved ones, while you watch the rain and share your monsoon stories, is something priceless again! The marinated fish when turns golden brown when it gets deep fried in the hot coconut oil, the aroma wafts through the air making you crave for it. The seafood has got its own reservation in the plates of the foodies who love to have it, especially in the monsoon.

Special Tiffins:

Ever thought of having some hot idlis dipped in deliciously aromatic sambhar when it rains in the morning? It is magical and we suggest you try it along with a hot tea or coffee. The crispy ghee roast which melts with the coconut chutney when you take a bite is also worth trying during monsoon.
If you are looking for restaurants near Cochin airport, or for the best restaurant near Ernakulam south railway station, for trying out the monsoon special Kerala dishes, you can easily locate us for we are right there! Even when you are travelling by air or by rail, you must never compromise these wonderful combinations which satiate your taste buds while you enjoy the rain.