5 Mallu Breakfasts Every Traveller Must Try!

Popular Kerala Dishes | Traditional Food of Kerala.

Kerala’s cuisine is as popular as its lustrous landscapes. With a long coastal border spanning 600+ km, seafood is one of the highlights of Kerala’s cuisine. Kerala’s staple food has been rice, for ages. Until recently, from breakfast to snacks and dinner, mallus used to indulge in rice-preparations in various forms. The dosa, idly, puttu, […]

Kerala’s Own Black Gold – Pepper

Keralas Own Black Pepper | Best Travel Restaurant Kerala

Black pepper is the world’s most popular spice. It has a pungent spicy flavour and blends perfectly with all types of cuisines. Kerala has a special connect with Black Pepper because we used to trade it extensively along with many other spices for centuries. The great explorer Vasco Da Gama reached the shores of Kozhikode […]

Kerala Monsoon craving special dishes!

The beauty of the god’s own country, Kerala, accentuates when the rain patters on its ground! The rain, the regular group hang out, a camera and what else do you need for enlivening your day? A sip of hot tea with some delectable crispy hot snacks! Monsoon can instigate your taste buds to crave something […]

Popular Local Dishes In Kochi

Kochi, Cochin, or Ernakulum, no matter how you call it, this place quickly turns into everyone’s favorite the second they land on it. The queen of Arabian Sea, Cochin has a stereotype that has already become a tradition. A few being the irresistible food habits such as: “Liking for that morning cup of well mixed […]

The new pop up food court in railway station – first of its kind

Not everybody will be lucky like Kajol from the Bollywood movie DDLJ to get someone like Shahrukh to hold their hand when they are late to board a train since they were busy finding a palatable dish outside the railway station. Food Stop Diner (FSD), had foreseen all such issues and found a delectable solution! […]

Kick start your day with Food Stop Diner

Airport scenes: You snooze the alarm and sleep again. Overslept again? You jump out of the bed thinking how will I catch the 10 AM flight? Skip shower? No, it’s too hot. Skip breakfast? Sounds good! With a hectic schedule, we often forget the most important thing-health. After all, health is wealth and breakfast is […]

Cochin International Airport At A Glance

The country’s first greenfield airport- Cochin International Airport is not just an airport for the state. It is an epitome of perseverance, as Sri. V J Kurian with his steely determination made this dream a reality along with his team. The saga of building Cochin International Airport is a sheer inspiration. Sprawling airport food court, international amenities and splendid […]

FOOD STOP DINER – Redefining the Travel Food Experience

Undoubtedly, good food is the good mood. After all, what’s life sans a blend of some sugar and spice? Memorable and quality food is one of the staples of a good journey – avid travellers and frequent travellers must be nodding their heads now. If travelling is a part of your life but thinking about […]