Kick start your day with Food Stop Diner

Airport scenes: You snooze the alarm and sleep again. Overslept again? You jump out of the bed thinking how will I catch the 10 AM flight? Skip shower? No, it’s too hot. Skip breakfast? Sounds good!

With a hectic schedule, we often forget the most important thing-health. After all, health is wealth and breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You no longer need to skip breakfast while travelling. Grab a quick bite at any of the hotels near Cochin airport. One such facility is Food Stop Diner at Terminal 3 – Cochin International Airport.

Attributes like 24X7 services, great ambience, amazing taste & quality and, the choicest spread of cuisines make Food Stop Diner a boon for today’s travellers.

Railway station scenes: If travelling by train is a part of your life but thinking about food hygiene, taste, quality and availability gives you jitters, then it’s time to welcome change. Food Stop Diner is now open at Platform-1, Ernakulam, South Railway Station.

One of its kinds in India, the facility at Ernakulam South Railway Station offers the best in terms of ambience, taste, quality, global cuisine, service, and price. It is a centrally-air conditioned structure spread across 8,000 sq. feet.

Reached the railway station to take an early morning train? You no longer need to search restaurants in Ernakulam south for a quick breakfast. Food Stop Diner at platform-1 offers excellent quality food 24/7.

Now that you know the facilities to grab a quick bite while travelling, let’s give you some motivation to not skip breakfast-the most important meal of the day.

Breakfast to boost your metabolism

A right meal in the morning promotes optimal metabolic function. It helps in successful weight loss and a healthier digestive system.Grab a wholesome breakfast to boost your metabolism and thus result in significant weight loss.

Breakfast to give you energy

Sharpen your mind and body with the right breakfast. It allows you to get the better of the day no matter what. Without breakfast, there are all the chances that you could experience an energy crash.

Breakfast to lower cholesterol levels

If we are to go by recent studies breakfast and cholesterol levels have a connection. People who regularly eat breakfast have lower cholesterol levels compared to their breakfast-skipping counterparts. Not just cholesterol, breakfast aids in the increase of blood lipids and lowers the risk of heart diseases.

Breakfast to optimizes your body functions

A healthy breakfast is all you need to maintain and enhance basic cognitive skills such as memory, and problem-solving skills, concentration etc. It helps you perform well throughout the day.

Breakfast to improves your mood

Say yes to a more productive day by having a wholesome breakfast as it can provide a mood boost. Anxiety and depression are closely linked to weight gain, which further highlights the need to have breakfast.

Breakfast to improve your memory

Give your brain some fuel and what could be better than a healthy and wholesome breakfast. People who eat breakfast have better cognitive skills including improved memory.

So, the next time you think about skipping breakfast while travelling in and around Cochin, think about these amazing health benefit and head straight to Food Stop Diner, your search for hotels near Ernakulam railway station ends here.