Popular Local Dishes In Kochi

Kochi, Cochin, or Ernakulum, no matter how you call it, this place quickly turns into everyone’s favorite the second they land on it. The queen of Arabian Sea, Cochin has a stereotype that has already become a tradition. A few being the irresistible food habits such as:

“Liking for that morning cup of well mixed special frothy Chai along with that deeply fried ‘Kadis’ like Pazham Pori, Parippu vada, Baji etc,.”

“ Ambiguity to choose from Puttu kadala , Appam & Egg curry ,or Parotta & Chicken curry.. ”

“Chemmeen fry! Kuttanaad Meen Curry! That special love for sea foods.”

“Spread series of delicacies on a banana leaf .. Having sadhya, no matter what the occasion is!”

“Mashed tapioca, green chilli chutney and black tea – What an evening!”

“Fresh Lime juice or that of tender coconut.. After a long walk!”

It isn’t just the pepper, cinnamon, clove or the cardamom that attracts many to Cochin, but also the aroma of its local delicacies that makes many forget the strict diet rules or even the route back to their home town. Highly healthy and extremely tasty, a rare combination is often found in the most of the cuisines here. The sea food is the main attraction and the variety you find here is something that might drive you crazy. ‘Karimeen pollichathu’ wrapped in banana leaves can make many drool for it. The tangy ‘Kerala Meen curry’ prepared with the inevitable ingredients found in every Keralite’s home, coconut and tamarind, can out beat the blunt tasting ones made otherwise! The Special Biriyani which can mark its presence to someone staying 5 doors apart is a common choice of the ones who visit Kochi! And of course, the partner of every hot discussion, a Neeti adi chaia and golden yellow pazham pori can add zeal to even the dullest conversations!

Every attempt is being made not to break this emerging tradition and perhaps that is the reason why you have the FSD outlet in the Cochin Airport lounge which ensures a tasty journey and yummy welcome back to thousands of passengers there! The newly landed ones needn’t go around in search of best restaurant in Cochin when they can have the local dishes of Kochi at just a few foot steps away! Even the ones whose leave plan was ditched and can halt only for a day or half near the railway station, they still needn’t search for hotel in Ernakulum Junction to satiate their food cravings for FSD has just launched an outlet in Ernakulam South railway station as well. So next time you plan to visit Cochin, don’t even dare to miss out some finger licking signature cuisines there! Excuses can be made in future but not when you are so close enough to relish something great and discover that hard core foodie in you!