The new pop up food court in railway station – first of its kind

Not everybody will be lucky like Kajol from the Bollywood movie DDLJ to get someone like Shahrukh to hold their hand when they are late to board a train since they were busy finding a palatable dish outside the railway station. Food Stop Diner (FSD), had foreseen all such issues and found a delectable solution! FSD has started a new wing at Platform-1 of Ernakulam South Railway Station, after its successful series of exemplary service to airline passengers for years!
Not ordinary, this new food court is handcrafted by famous architects of Monarch India, which gifts an unbeatable ambience to its customers apart from hygienic and flavoursome cuisines to dine from! Fine demarcation has been followed for vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes and there are outlets for South Indian & Chinese cuisines. For the ones who want things to happen in a jiffy and rush to their train, there is an ‘Idli Bar’ (i Bar) that offers yummy ready to dip mini idlis with sambhar. Needless to say, there is a snack counter too making it a one-stop solution for the traveller foodies!
FSD has already started to break the prejudice of several minds that one need to shunt their taste buds when they travel by rail. FSD doesn’t stake on the quality either. In short, one needn’t spend their valuable time to check the hotels near Ernakulam railway station when you have a sought-after brand, right inside the railway station.
It is not just for the travellers! Even if you are the one who visits the station to bid adieu to your dear ones or the one who patiently wait to welcome their dear ones, FSD is right there to serve you 24×7 ensuring you and your loved one don’t skip any of your meals! Just remember that you are only a platform ticket away. So next time you travel, do not confine your choice to restaurants near Ernakulam south railway station. You better try the best one within the railway station!